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Save The Fish : Pipes Connect

Fun filled puzzle game where you have to save the fish by connect pipes . If you like rescue games! Save fish - pipes connect is a challenging and unique puzzles with many interesting brain teaser puzzles. All you need to do is to rotate pipes, connect them and letting the water flow into the fish tank. Solve puzzles fast and get more experience points. You will come across various obstacles and you need to use your brain and combine your patience, brain power and spatial logic skills, to follow the correct steps to pull out the stick and help the fish to become fish hero Rescue of the Game. You can custom character by unblock lovely fish. Save the Fish Game features: - Connect the pipes: use different strategies to connect the pipes so that the water flows smoothly to the fish aquariums . Chance to upgrade to bigger and colorful Fish -Super fun flowing physics and the best water. -Striking visual elements and sea creatures